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Deep in the Bush Adventures was established in 1996, and I've been sticking and filming anything that gets close to me.  In 2008 we expanded into personally guiding hunts on 45,000 acres in the heart of Montana.  With an extensive background of hunting for over thirty years and over 40 game species taken with a bow, I felt I was ideally suited to guide hunts.  I am fortunate to be blessed with a career and a loving wife that allows me the ability to travel and put a great deal of time preparing and scouting the hunting areas to maximize time on our hunts.  We are also fortunate to have game rich properties with trophy excellent quality, as you can see in the Gallery.


I also offer personalized and guided African Hunting Safaris with my African partner Tandem Tours as well as world-class black bear hunting in northern Saskatchewan with Bear Paw Outfitters.


Thank you for your interest, please feel free to contact me with any questions.  Let's Go Stick Something!!

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If you're looking for an exceptional spring black bear hunt in northern Saskatchewan, Bear Paw Outfitters is the place to be!


Northern Saskatchewan offers the finest black bear hunting opportunities in the world.  With thousands of miles in our management area, Bear Paw Outfitters provides a 95% harvest rate, big black bears and 10-25% color-phase harvest.  You won't find a better bear camp than Bear Paw Outfitters!

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